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Ninco to do JGTC NSX

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RR3.9 tried to post this several hours ago, but I can't get it approved (my fault - sorry RR) but here's the gist of it.

The MRE site is listing these two Honda NSX JGTC cars as being available from Ninco in November.

Many (okay, mostly Wankel) have been campaigning for years to get RTR JGTC car and until now we had the Cartrix NSX. It is curious that Ninco are now entering the fray with the same car, but let's not grumble. Personally I hope it means someone will now do the Supras!
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QUOTE (jonny s @ 15 Oct 2004, 00:24)Which motor anyone?

From a commercial point of view I'd guess at the NC5 like McLaren above.

As a racer/driver I really rate the NC6 Crusher on both my home track and psu, and the Wrexham SCC track and psu. Easy upgrade anywho

Could it even be an anglewinder a la BMW M3?

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QUOTE (Wankel Ickx @ 14 Oct 2004, 12:46)I love it when a plan comes together - name that TV show.


The A-Team. The character was Hannibal Smith played by the late George Peppard.
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QUOTE (ScoobyDriver @ 14 Oct 2004, 16:48)I do hope the R34s get reproduced. Main worry is that they may not as Nissan now run the 350z/fairlady.

Well, slot companies produce models of cars which no longer race or are no longer in production, so hopefully that shouldn't stop them.

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Supras are a must buy for me, especially in Toms Toyota Castrol livery. Would be rather pleased to see the Toyota MRS as well!

Rich, does than mean we can expect these two from Ninco as well?

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Firstly, apologies for not posting this directly to the Sloforum site, but I am too busy to get on here regularly. Glad somebody noticed it though. (Although open questions like "Which motor anyone ?", "What motor ?", etc baffle me, as I obviously have some information, so why not ask direct ?)

The two new cars have the reference numbers :

N50355 - Honda NSX Autobacs (red)
N50356 - Honda NSX Epson (white/blue)

They have the NC5 Speeder motor mounted anglewinder, with a new gear ratio of 12:32 and new low-profile slick tyres.

The tyres will be available separately, as will the JGTC type hubs for them, and also some alternative anglewinder axle sets with different gear ratios. Some of these will also fit the BMW M3 cars.

The same delivery that the NSX's will arrive on will also include the N50333 Porsche 934 Jagermeister, N50342 BMW X5 Raid Delsey, and the new N50352 Cobra, very attractive in racing white with stripes. All the new spares will arrive as well.

Hope that gets everyone up to date now !
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Just what the doctor ordered!!

Sweet. Cheers for the info Gary, it couldn't have got any better!

This means we can get it allowed into our GT class next year!

Think I'll plunk in a BMW 10/30 gearing set and keep the NC5....

The low profile tyres sound interesting too...

I can't wait for it all!

How come Ninco never tells us about this stuff? I mean, we knew years before the Pro Trucks and the Prorace cars, but we only find out about these a month before they are released?

I an a way it means we don't have to wait too long... but also, I don't like to buy new cars and then have to replace them because something that I didn't know about came along...

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McLaren, information is a HUGE problem with Ninco. I am sure all the other dealers would agree, as well as their distributors.

You are always welcome to mail me direct at MRE if you see something and want to know more, as I don't always have time to post on Slotforum. Same goes for anyone else, we will always reply and give whatever answers we can.

To give some idea about Ninco information, both David and Albert from Ninco were in the UK at Hobbyco (the UK distributors) last week. The new Honda NSX cars were not mentioned to any dealers or even to the directors of Hobbyco. A standard press release was issued one week after they returned to Spain. If you think this is a satisfactory way to promote your business, you are in a minority with Ninco.

Many dealers including myself have tried many times to impress upon Ninco that they are losing sales by not giving advance information. As a dealer, I know how the market works: customers (yes you, the racers and collectors) make a decision to buy a car that they want, based on information available. You wait happily for it, knowing you have committed your budget for that month, and buy it when it is available. When a new car suddenly appears, such as the NSX, sales are reduced because customers have made prior commitments, or clubs have already planned their racing classes based on what is available in the marketplace. It may be the best car in the world, but it won't sell as many as a car with advance information. Ask other dealers if they agree............
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Well I want one as soon as it comes out...

Now the difficult choice... shall I preorder or get it from the local shop?

And who's going to get it in first...?

Thanks for filling in some of the blanks Gary.

I know on the MRE site they are listed as being available in November, is that beginning or end? (I will understand if you don't know as Ninco's 'top secret' policy isn't exactly forth coming with such info).


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12:32 is a surprisingly high gear / low ratio, considerably off from the 'normal' 1:3 semi-standard and a similar arrangement was heavily complained about in earlier Carreras - since changed, to the approval of most.
Can this be sensible?
Pictures can be found of both cars here.

(Just keep scrolling down the thread)

They look very nice.

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Arghhhh!!! They both look so great that I don't know which one to get!!!

I'm loving the wheels too...

Tropi: The Ninco F1 and Champ cars are also 2.67/1 as are all of the Prorace cars.

It doesn't seem to affect the open wheelers because they are so light, but I haven't tried the heavier Prorace cars.

You can always swap them with the BMW gears, or the other ones which Gary described as new spares.

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They look excellent, and with the anglewinder set-up I won't have the interminable trouble I seen to have with Ninco in-line crowns being chewed up far too easily!

Thanks Jamie
I cannot wait for these to arrive
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Just ordered my NSX from GS.

Got the Epson one in the end

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