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Ninco track fixing

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A bit of help please.

We have just built a new bridge section for our club circuit (4 lane Ninco) and i'm tinking of fixing it down to the ply bridge and base board.

The reason behind this is track tends to raise at the joints just enough to lift the cars out of the slot (not all the time, but more than i would like).

I had thought of hot gun glue, but thought i would see if you had any better suggestions?

many thanks

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Ok, ok, it was me that did that. I use the absolute cheapest silicone or latex caulk you can get. Here in the USA, a cheap brand is about a dollar a tube. I put small dabs on the bottom side of the slot. Use a heavy object like a book to hold it until it sets. The good news is that it is easily removeable.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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