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Ninco track fixing

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A bit of help please.

We have just built a new bridge section for our club circuit (4 lane Ninco) and i'm tinking of fixing it down to the ply bridge and base board.

The reason behind this is track tends to raise at the joints just enough to lift the cars out of the slot (not all the time, but more than i would like).

I had thought of hot gun glue, but thought i would see if you had any better suggestions?

many thanks

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Silicone sealant in blobs under the track works. You can still remove the track from the board later if you wish with a putty knife. Weight down the track with some old phone directories.
I've actually been testing reasonably low cost silicone caulking recently on some spare track to see how it adheres to my plywood. I thought that it may be of use for borders too. Takes too long to dry though and it retracts when it does.

I'll try the hot glue tomorrow. I've had the gun out today making Yagi antennas out of Pringles cans.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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