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Ninco VR8

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Monday saw our first race with our club class Ninco V8. Doesn't sound exiting doesn't it? But with our mods to the Ninco's they run as Mike put it bl.... fast, and difficult to race!

There were 6 racers at the start. A very warm welcome to Michael who joined us in our group

Expecting a very tight race tonight we had a warm up practice, which was slightly longer to give Michael a feel of the track.

Our new race set up allows us to have 3 racers with 1 empty lane, that leaves us with 3 marshals.

And what a night it was, everyone raced everyone regardless of times, so no one stayed on, it was a constant change.In actually fact I didn't know how the leader board could look during the race. The only thing I knew that Mike and myself run very tightly and only seconds would part us at the end. Alan was cruising the blue lane almost faultlessly, while Sebastian presented the fastest lap times yet again, but somehow cannot keep it consistently. However, Sebastian edged past Alan at the end to a well deserved third place. Clive didn't like the red lane much, but had a good race in green and blue. Mike had a really good race in yellow, his doom lane. Michael settled well into the race and had some really good times which deserved him the 05th spot. Before the race I asked if he enjoys the track and he replied "oh yes it's really good, fast and easy" ( cannot quite quote, but I picked up on the easy bit). Well Michael had to learn that the track is not that easy at the end

We ended the night in a team competition over 12 min x2 and the highest lap count, which everyone has enjoyed and Team Alan, Mike and Clive came out on top against Team Sebastian, Sandra and Michael.

By the way, I am not sure how the times are not displayed as they usually are, but I will investigate and for the next race will post a more easy to read format.

1st place Sandra

2nd place Mike

3rd place Sebastian

4th place Alan

5th place Michael

6th place Clive

View attachment Ninco V8's LR-2018-10-29T19.32.09.xlsx


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And here come the Ninco's again !!

Results from last Monday, now with times !!!!

There are some fantastic lap times, funnily enough they are not corresponding with the winner

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