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Can any other travelling team match this:
2 speeding fines in 2 countries in under 12 hours.

Today i received a nice picture of our hire car speeding through Spain on our way to Girona.


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So you were caught exceeding the National Mediocrity Standard Average, were you? Sorry... it is not fun traveling by car nowadays in Yurrup with all those do-gooder fascists on revenue-enhancement search for more money to castrate the population on a full-time basis, "for your own good".

Incredibly, it is now nicer to drive in the USA than in Europe because we are no longer blessed with those [email protected]#$%^ cameras in most states, due to... their failure to reduce accidents! In California, "red lights" cameras were removed from most cities in which they had been installed because the number of accidents they caused from people freaking out and braking too hard and being rear-ended grew at such a rate that the lawsuits followed in droves from the... insurance companies, and the cities had little choice but to pull their revenue-enhancing cameras out.

In Europe, good luck before THAT will take place, since they are feeding you with false highway deaths stats to make you conform.
Good luck at the Ninco event, hopefully they won't have a plastic speed limit there...
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