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Here's my conversion of this car....

Picture from Getslotted

Its the Jaguar XK120 and is a beutiful car in a great looking livery but the
Alpen Rallye of 1999 just didn't do it for me so I decided to modify it to
the Le mans entry of 1950 No.15 driven to 12th place by Peter Clark and
Nick Haines.

Stripped of all parts...

Aero screen mount and rear view mirror housing added, holes for soft top, windscreen wipers
and bumpers filled...

Paint work and decals made...

The decals I've printed myself onto white decal paper, note to
save time spent trying to cut a perfect circle there's an outer ring
in the same colour as the bodywork which hides any imperfcetions
in the cutting of the circle.

and here it is with just the bonnet straps, the correct wheels to add
and maybe some more work on the aero screen left to do...

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