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Nissan Skyline G-TR JGTC 4WD

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Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I posted here (about 4 years lol) because of Uni.

I thought I'd share my latest project; a band driven 4 wheel drive chassis mounted to a modified Scalextric JGTC Nissan Skyline body.

The separately driven rear wheels are meant to mimic the effect of a differential but without the need for lots of tiny cogs lol

Each rear wheel is also damped with a sort of inboard damper set-up with the suspension components taken from a Ninco Mitsubishi.

It took a while to fine-tune the body-chassis attachments but I think the stance works pretty well. Although I might have to extend the wheelarches slightly to cover the wheels fully! lol

The front mounts are made from wooden dowel cut down to size and Araldited into place whereas the rear screws thread into the piece of the original chassis that mounts into the rear of the car.

I tried to keep the bottom of the chassis as 'clean' as possible for aesthetic purposes but also to minimise the risk of anything catching on the track joins.

The Slot.It motor mount is mounted at the front and drives the front wheels which send drive to the rears via two 4WD pulley systems. The pulleys are just tight enough so that they can drive the car without the front wheels but also loose enough to allow a small amount of slip. This should hopefully provide that 'differential effect' by acting like a clutch.

The rear wheels are mounted on separate axles which are held in pieces of brass tube cut to size, which in turn are mounted into two vertical pieces of brass sheet. These are mounted into two slots cut into the chassis plate and Araldited in place for strength.

These wheel mounts are placed on two flexible arms cut into the main chassis plate and run along side the central piece onto which the body and motor mount are attached. This allows the wheels to 'float' separately from the body and main chassis. However, due to the flexibility of the chassis, I needed a means of damping the movement. As such, I have glued a double bearing onto the inside of each rear axle which is then snapped into the blue suspension unit. This allows a nice amount of vertical movement and should hopefully keep the rear wheels planted nicely, improving traction.

Here's a couple more shots.

I hope you like it and if you have any advice or comments, please don't hesitate to reply!


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very neat work as usual Dave. I look forward to seeing it put a few laps in at the club.

Thank you very much Eric!

I'm just listening to the program on Radio 4 at the moment. Brilliant!

Here's the link:

See you tomorrow!

Cheers Zook!

It's a little bit strange to drive tbh. It's got lots of grip out of the corners and it's easy to hustle through them, but the combination of the NC5 and the band drive means it brakes very hard and stops on a dime.

I've just changed the rear axles for one continuous one to try and reduce the tail stepping out so much so I'll see if that helps.


That's a beauty. The car looks mean & tough. Well thought out & assembled. Excellent job.

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Neat work Dave. When is its competition debut scheduled for?

Cheers Al

I'm not sure really. I've got to get it doing competitive times first! lol.

I'll give it a run out on Thursday and go from there. Hopefully we're on the wooden track as I think it'll suit that better than the Scaley Sport.

Cya Thursday!

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