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Hi all
Doing interminable house-move type tidying up and came across a few pictures:

Firstly a view of the first Summer's Lane track from the early eighties, complete with the infamous half-completed Ligier mural. I took this at a retro meeting on black and white film, ithe pic probably dates from 1990 or so?

Next the team photo of the Church Farm team which came third in the National Team Race in the Isle of Man - was this Paul Harwood's first national podium position? I think both cars were wrecked, I certainly remember the one in John's hand had the crossbar come unsoldered.

Finally one of John's photos of the old 1-0-1 track in use at the Model Engineer Exhibition at Wembley - the same track has just been refurbished and is near me in Pewsey.

Happy days!
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