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Jan 9 F32
Jan23 Retro Can am (formally known as D3)
Feb6 Retro F1 (formally known as D3)
Feb20 Hard body pre 72 sports and front engine GP/ Slot it sports
Mar6 F32
Mar20 Slot it sports (prepared sponge tyres supplied if without)
Apr3 International thingie proxy race
Apr17 Retro Can am
May1 Retro F1
May15 Hard body pre72 etc
May29 F32
Jun12 Retro Can am
Jun26 Retro F1
Jul10 Slot it sports
Jul24 F32
Aug7 Retro Can am
Aug21 Retro F1
Sept4 Hard body pre 72 etc
Sept18 F32
Oct2 Retro Can am
Oct16 Retro F1
Oct30 Slot it sports
Nov13 F32
Nov27 Retro Can am
Dec11 Retro F1
Dec 18 Slot it sports

You will see that this year we have decided to drop one of the hardbody nights and include a Slot-It class for group C and sports cars. As our track is painted MDF we are allowing modern fish rubber(sponge) rear tyres and lead ballast. Lowrider is getting together a few pairs of tyres for those without facilities to prepare their own for loan or to sell. He has already tried out a car with this set up with favourable results so hopefully this will prove to be a popular class.
Happy new year to all.
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Hi Howmet,
Retail £45 to £50. Look at Pendle for good deals.
On ebay you can pick up some of them from £25 to £35.
Unpainted 'white kits' are usually the cheapest option if you have the time and patience to paint them.
There will be at least twenty slightly used Slot It in my collapsing auction at Swindon on Sunday, prices will go as low as £5/car!
Also plenty of new ones on my website at super low prices
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Have several of the 21K orange endbell SlotIt motors and the very last one I got my hands on had a long shaft at either end, not sure if its for a special application but this should fit Steves pod ok.
Then of coarse you can always push the shaft through, so I have been told!
The motor in the Porsche above has the double ended shaft. I'll pick up a replacement pod and turn it around. Thanks for the heads up, Mick

I now have four new, sealed in the box cars on loan from Slot32 which are on sale at the club for £45 each. Gulf blue and orange Porsche 956KH, white and green 'Elfini' Mazda, red and white 'West' Lancia LC2 and a yellow and black 'taka-Q' Toyota. I quite like the last one so I might end up with it unless anyone else buys it first.
Nic should be joining us for Can-Am later this month so other cars will be available then too.

Phil - sounds great but I don't think I'll be getting out to Swindon. Good luck there.

To be honest I wouldn't bother to swap your motor pod.
I really don't think it matters unless you plan to enter the Slot.It Group C Challenge.

I believe all the orange endbell motors have a double shaft these days.
What I find odd is that Slot.It have dropped the can drive inline pod for that motor in favour of endbell drive but have now released a new range of side and anglewinder pods for it that are all can end drive. Go figure!

Given my limited knowledge regarding such matters the only thing I can think of is that there might be a slight weight shift to the center of the chassis with the EBD in inline, down side are the extra side loads on the endbell bearing.
Hi John.
Good observations, but in the context of very moderate power output, probably not applicable. On any wood track, even running the 'standard' 21k inline, I always end up with a little lead up front. Not a great deal, just 3-5 grms, but it is enough to balance the model and get rid of most of the front end lift when grip levels get high.
Cheers, Bill.
Your right right about the lead Bill but have found these motors to be pretty rapid and with a decent amount of grunt once you pump in 13.8v!
Rapid is not quite the first word that came to mind when I ran the 956 test cat with the spec gearing - but that can be looked at if the class becomes popular. The most important thing is that the cars are more or less equal, whatever their lap times. Messrs Musto and Dilworth have expressed enthusiasm for the cars so we'll see.

Thanks for your further input, Bill. See you soon, John.
Must be luck of the draw with these motors! all the ones I have had have been quite decent, only problems being the brush deposits in the com segment undercuts clogging and causing shorts.
You might get some interest from Woodgreen members apart from Steve Carter who already is a sort of regular, the sponge tyre thing might put them off though.
[oneofwos]............... "Area Zero, Klingon ruler of NLSME for all retro section Co-ordinator and grand master solderer general"... if I must have a title!
Sponge isn't mandatory and spare sets will be available. Changing rear wheels only takes seconds and I have seven sets already prepared.
I'm braced for another Secchi Rocket car but if you get up to Retro Can-Am lap numbers I might have to get out the magnifying glass and stroke my chin a bit ...

Can we just refer to you as Grand Master? That other stuff could make marshaling your car longer than it already takes.

Just call me "Chuck" or "Dwayne" if you feel more comfortable!
Had to revise my previously stated opinion of the orange endbell motors last Wednesday.
Putting a fresh out of the box car on the track showed that the motor in my Canon Porsche is cream-crackered and definitely needs replacing. Working properly, the cars are a lot of fun and I am optimistic for the success of the new class.

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