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NLSME Thursday race night calender 2013

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Hot off the press, 2013 Thursday night race calender. ENJOY!

January - 3rd 1/32nd Production and Saloon
10th 1/32nd Production and Saloon
17th 1/32nd Team Race
24th 1/24th Production
31st Formula

February - 7th 1/32nd Sports
14th 1/24th Sports
21st 1/24th Team Race
28th 1/32nd Production

March - 7th 1/32nd Saloon
14th 1/32nd Team Race
21st 1/24th Production
28th Formula 1

April - 4th 1/32nd Sports
11th 1/24th Sports
18th 1/24th Team Race
25th 1/32nd Production

May - 2nd 1/32nd Saloon
9th 1/32nd Team Race
16th 1/24th Production
23rd Formula 1
30th 1/32nd Sports

June - 6th 1/24th Sports
13th 1/24th Team Race
20th 1/32nd Production
27th 1/32nd Saloon

July - 4th 1/32nd Team Race
11th 1/24th Production
18th Formula 1
25th 1/32nd Sports

August - 1st 1/24th Sports
8th 1/24th Team Race
15th 1/32nd Production
22nd 1/32nd Saloon
29th 1/32nd Team Race

September - 5th 1/24th Production
12th Formula 1
19th 1/32nd Sports
26th 1/24th Sports

October - 3rd 1/24th Team Race
10th 1/32nd Production
17th 1/32nd Saloon
24th 1/32nd Team Race
31st 1/24th Production

November - 7th Formula 1
14th 1/32nd Sports
21st 1/24th Sports
28th 1/24th Team Race

December - 5th 1/32nd Production
12th 1/32nd Saloon
19th AGM and FUN NIGHT

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As you can see Gents, we have a new FAST class at NLSME this year.
1/24th Sports will be for Open Group12, GT 12, and Group 12 powered production cars with any commercial 1/24th Scale sports body( this includes the high downforce Eurosport and Outlaw type bodys but not wing car), and wil feature sdegmented type racing.

So hang on to you hats , it will be fast and furious and get the blood pumping in a few of again.

Fast Bro
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A 'BIG THANKYOU ' to all the NLSME BSCRA Thursday racers who turned up and made the start of 2013 FANTASTIC!

We nearly had a Health and Safety issue with crowd control in the building, but Bob and Chris were on top of it

If this continues we will have to look into using the Rugby Club car park next door to take the extra vehicles and maybe extend the room to fit extra box space.

The racing itself was very close on a slightly slippery/greasy track with Ian taking the first spoils of the year in the final, from my good self, Bob and Martin.


CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!
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Just a reminder that next Sunday sees NLSME host the Area 6 and 10 National hopefuls in Round 2 of the Area Championship.

Track should get up to speed and 'GRIP' nicely on Thursday allowing for some fast racing ( and maybe the odd track record ) on Sunday.

Look forward to seeing all BSCRA racers taking part from around the Area.

Paul Harwood ( Area 6 Delegate and NLSME BSCRA CLUB SEC')
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A big thankyou to all NLSME BSCRA members who helped clean and prep' track and clean and hoover the building for the Area 6 National qualifier last weekend.
Not a Chuck, Dwayne, Master Car Mauler
, Tom , Harry or Dick in the place, just GREAT RACING, GREAT RACES AND GOOD FUN.

Well done to Cliff winning the Production Falcon final with His Harwood Racing Built and Prep'd car up against some very stiff competition in the form of Chris Clements ( from The Rockingham Club) with another Harwood Racing built car.

The BSCRA Chairman ( James Cleave) took all the outright wins but was made to work hard all day by YOURS TRULY and the rest of Harwood Racing. So well done to him.

Thursday nights are just getting BETTER and BETTER this year with the numbers back up into double figures and firm commitment from all, it is a pleasure to organise and run the races at the club, whether it be Area rnds, S32, Falcon Pro or BOC, so once again THANKYOU to all the Thursday night racers for making this happen , (we may have to ask The British Legion to give up some extra parking spaces for all who come along)!!

1/24th Production Cars this Thursday Falcon and G12 powered, so look forward to seeing 42 laps plus with these cars as track grip is good.

I'll see you all for the good stuff on Thursday and long may it continue.

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Just a quick reminder that it is 1/24th Production this Thursday.

I look forward to seeing you all, Thursday regulars, Friends and Visitors.

Green Flag drops at 8pm

Fast Bro
Well done to our friend from Blackpool, Martin Ellis for doing the ' BIZZ' last Thursday and winning with his Falcon powered , Audi bodied ' ROCKET'!!!

Reasonable turn out again, and it was good to see the return of Brian Church and Franz for some ' TOP DRAWER' competitive racing.

This Thursday, the newly renamed SUMMERS LANE GP takes place, so all you budding Vettel's, Buttons, Hamiltons and Alonso's can come and do battle.

See you all for what should be a GREAT night's sport and fun

Fast Bro
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Good turn out last Thursday ( even with Caz, Ian and Franz away on other duties), and very good racing as well.
Thursday nights has ' THE FEEL GOOD FACTOR ' back again and as NLSME , BSCRA club sec' it just makes me proud to be a part of it.

With 3 former National F1 Champions in the building, along with various people who should have been or have come so close, lap times were always going to tumble.

Very well done to Greg ( in a borrowed car) for taking the victory, from Martin, My Good Self and the getting back on form Brian Church.

Next week , 'THE REAL QUICK STUFF' as 1/32nd Sportscars grace our track.
48 laps + in 3 mins is the target, so only ' REAL MEN ' need turn up and take part.

Look forward to seeing all the ' TRUE SPEED DEMONS' on Thursday.

Fast Bro
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WELL DONE to Cliff Bicknell on a fantastic 2nd place in the Production class and 3rd place overall yesterday in the first round of The Falcon Pro Series 2013.

This was without doubt the very best race ever from ' young' Cliff, who used his Harwood Racing Prepared car to full effect on the fast , high speed Pinewood Raceway, once again proving that good competitive Thursday night racing , improves the breed.

See you all this Thursday for the Super Fast 1/32nd BSCRA Sportscars!!!!!

Fast Bro
Just a reminder that round 3 of the 2013 Nationals qualifying rounds is this Sunday at Rockingham Raceway.

We have very good numbers in the previous 2 rounds held at North London and Luton ( 16-20 being the NORM!!!).

So as BSCRA Area 6 Delegate, I invite you all ( that is BSCRA members) , to come along and have a good day on this SUPER FAST TRACK.

Action starts at 8am.

See you all there

Fast Bro
1/32nd Scale sports tonight Gents, this being a good warm up for the Area Round at the weekend. :

Only members of the ' BSCRA FAST BRIGADE' need apply.

Action starts at 8pm

See you all there

Fast Bro
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A BIG THANKYOU , to all the Thursday night BSCRA racers that helped clean the track and sort White Lane out as well as tidy the place up a little for the Southern 32 at the weekend.

(Just a shame that certain other people , can't be bothered, and they know who they are!), taking a little bit of pride in what we race on and in what condition , comes hard to some people!!!

We have had a good couple of weeks at the club on Thursday nights , and it's good to see Brian Church starting to find his competitive feet again.

Lets keep up the good work and enjoy NLSME Thursday nights.

This week 1/24th Group C Team Race.

See you all for some 'TOP' action and FUN!!!!

Fast(est) Bro
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Should have some ' NEW BLOOD ' on Thursdays, as our 'GREAT' club may well be visited by various people interested in some SUPERFAST FUN on the back of what the Luton guys did at Milton Keynes yesterday ( having had a few phone calls tonight), so should bring the the average age of racers down below 40!

I just hope the place and track can be kept in some sort of order after certain people 'USE' it and not have bits of old tutt and Slot-It boxes left around the place( and in the slots eh, what?) , that I do believe the same Thursday night members end up getting rid of and hoovering out .

Anyway on a different note, along with Ian Fisher and in my capacity as BSCRA Thursday Club Sec, we will be looking at investing and fitting some power supplies to the track and doing away with the battery. might be a bit too much power for some, but for the Thursday ( weekly) racers should make the modern cars sing!!

Looking forward to taking NLSME Slot car club out of ' DARK AGES ' , and into the 'MODERN ERA'!!!!

Fast Bro
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QUOTE (Fast Bro @ 18 Feb 2013, 19:25) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Should have some ' NEW BLOOD ' on Thursdays, as our 'GREAT' club may well be visited by various people interested in some SUPERFAST FUN on the back of what the Luton guys did at Milton Keynes yesterday ( having had a few phone calls tonight)...
Fast Bro

Paul: Glad that we at Luton were of service in recruiting for North London! Let us know if the 'new blood' arrives.

Still recovering here from having beaten said Mr. Fisher in a fair Falcon fight at Luton last night, albeit he was having to use my spare JK32.

Secretary, Luton SCC.
Hi Richard and thanks for all you guys and all your efforts with the track at MK.
It was just a shame it clashed with the S32, but never mind.
I'll keep you up to speed with the NL side of things.
Well done for beating Ian.

I'll see you at Ipswich if not before for final Nationals qualifier.

Paul Harwood ( NLSME Club Sec and Area 6 coordinator)
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Another top night of racing and good competitive fun with the 1/24th scale Group C team race class , took place last Thursday.
The place was buzzing and box space as well as parking space was tight, but with Bob back on car park and door duty , I'm pleased to say we managed to squeeze everybody in .

After a punishing and sometimes bruising depending on traffic and what part of the ' RACEWAY' you caught it in, it ended up as a good win for yours truly and Martin E, from Ian and Andrew C, with Caz and Greg rounding out the top 3.
Beyond that Bob and Brian had a nightmare with broken gears and then a broken motor, and also John and Cliff had a car that just would not go around corners.

1/32nd Production next Thursday, should be another busy night of competitive ' FUN' .

Fast Bro
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Just to remind all of our Thursday night BSCRA racing friends, this week is 1/32nd scale saloon cars.

Should be a good night to try some last minute tweaks on your kit before the weekends Nationals qualifier at Ipswich.

Look forward to seeing you all.

Fast Bro
After a great couple of weeks( last weeks team race being FANTASTIC!!!!) it is time to let loose the 1/24th Production Cars on to the track this Thursday.

Always GREAT ENTERTAINMENT , and even better these days with the numbers getting bigger and better on Thursdays.

Should be a good one, so I'll see you all there at THE RACES!

Fast Bro
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A VERY GOOD EVENINGS RACING LAST THURSDAY saw Martin Ellis take a good win in his Falcon powered 1/24TH Production car.

Grip levels came up during the night and regular 41 laps were being pumped in by the front runners and the top 3 were very close in qualifying and indeed the A final itself.
Franz taking a good 2nd place after ' Yours truly ' suffered a bit of a motor issue, but still held on to 3rd from the rest of the chasing pack.

Grand Prix time again this coming Thursday, so all you budding Vettell's and Hamilton's can come out on what is always a fast and challinging evening of HIGH SPEED FUN!!!

Green Light and GO! GO! GO! at 8pm Gents .

See you all at ' THE RACES '.

Fast Bro
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That's the only way to describe the ' HIGH SPEED ' action that took place at NLSME HQ last Thursday.
With the track now right back to it's best, and the return of Mark and Brian to the ' ELITE NIGHT' , racing was always going to be at the very top level.

Add that to a good size entry, no matter what happens or gets said anywhere else, the BSCRA Thursday night racing really is the place to be.
Some good runs from Brian C, Chris M and John O kept them well in the mix along with all the the ' FRONT RUNNING ' regulars, with the only casualty of the night being Cas's car that just would not go around corners because of guide problems.

In the end the race for the top 3 places turned into a 'HARWOOD FEST ' with Mark heading home Greg and my good self, and nearly breaking the track record into the bargain ( VERY GOOD EFFORT AS WE HEAD TOWARDS THE NATIONAL FINALS IN 5 WEEKS TIME!!).

This Thursday sees the ' SUPER FAST ' 1/32nd Sportscars take to the track.

I look forward to welcoming all BSCRA racers to what should be another great night of action.

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