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NNRC 1st Members Meeting

31st March 2016

The first of our "special" nights takes place at the Bolwextric circuit next Thursday.

Races are;

Class 1

Hairy Marshall Trophy

Group 1 Saloon cars raced prior to 1982.

Eligible cars;


Chevrolet Camaro ('70 on type)
Ford Capri Mk3
Rover 3500 SD1
Ford Escort Mk1 & Mk2
BMC Mini 1275GT


Ford Escort Mk2


Alfa GTV6

Class 2

Angry Mann Trophy

Ford GT40s of any make

Class 3

Crooks Trophy

For Grand Prix Cars raced between 1954-60

Eligible Cars

Aston Martin DBR4
Cooper T51
Maserati 250F
Lotus 16/18
Lancia D50

Any make

Class 4

What? More? Cup

As the 60s saloon car race at the full size members meeting was restricted to four car models, we have decided to open up the entry list to any sixties saloon car of any capacity, with the exception of cars in the Hairy Marshall Trophy.

I.e. Early Camaros in this race - later ones in the first race only.

This is a "just 4 fun" event, and won't count towards the yearly championship, so let's see some cars that might not normally be first choice for race nights.

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Bring it along Sandy, it is a fun night so we won't get too hung up on rules. Until somebody gets out their Sideways Group 5 Mk3 Capri!

If it's any help, I've got spares of everything on the list except the Alfa, that you are welcome to use.

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I've been watching some clips of the previous two Goodwood Members meetings on youtube over the weekend and I think that we can add a couple of cars to the Hairy Marshall Trophy.


BMW 2002
VW Golf Mk1.

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Now, wasn't that just the right amount of fun and good racing?

Well done to Peter for truly entering into the spirit of the event, racing 21 different cars in his 24 heats, and still winning!

Overall result was;

Peter 111 pts
Steve 106 pts
Jim 101 pts
Keith 97 pts
Sandy 86 pts
Dave 60 pts
Chris 58 pts
Jack 53 pts

Individual class scores and cars used (from memory)

Hairy Marshall Trophy

Group 1 cars raced before 1982

Peter 32 - Mini, Escort Mk1 & Mk2, BMW 2002, '70 Camaro
Keith 26 - Escort Mk2, Capri Mk1
Steve 25 - BMW 2002
Sandy 21 - Capri Mk1
Jim 21 - Rover SD1, Escort Mk2
Chris 17 - Escort Mk2
Dave 14 - Escort Mk1 & Mk2
Jack 12 - Escort Mk2

Angry Mann Trophy

GT40 of any make

Peter 33 - NSR & NSR Mk4
Keith 26 - NSR
Sandy 24 - Slot-it?
Jim 24 - Fly
Steve 21 - NSR
Chris 19 - NSR
Jack 11 - Fly
Dave 10 - Hornby

Crooks Trophy

Grand Prix cars of the 1950s

Jim 35 - BRM P25, Maserati 250F
Steve 32 - BRM P25
Sandy 22 - Merc W154 & W196 Streamliner
Peter 18 - Maserati 250F, Vanwall
Keith 17 - Cooper T53
Jack 16 - Ferrari 500
Chris 15 - Aston Martin DBR4
Dave 13 - Ferrari 500

What? More? Cup

Saloon cars of the 1960s

Steve 28 - '69 Camaro
Peter 28 - VW Beetle, NSU TT, Ford Galaxie 500, Dodge Charger, '69 Camaro
Keith 28 - Renault 8
Dave 23 - '69 Camaro
Jim 21 - Alfa GTA, Cortina Mk1, '69 Camaro
Sandy 19 - Alfa Guilietta & GTA, Renault 8, Volvo 122
Jack 14 - VW Beetle
Chris 7 - NSU TT

If anybody can correct/add to any car info, let me know and I'll edit.

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I can confirm the NSR's. I ran three MkII GT40s, and one MkIV. Steve and Chris each ran a MkII, and yes, Jack ran a Fly GT40.
Also confirmed is the Dodge Charger, but I didn't run my BRM P25 because Steve borrowed it.

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Ok, info adjusted.

I thought I saw you use at least one Cartrix Classic GP car, Peter, and assumed it was a BRM. My mistake!
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