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Sorry for being (nautical) miles off topic, but i thought of Rick when this took place in my home town last week, or should i say home port ;-)
The Australian clipper Gold Coast had won the 13th stint, the atlantic crossing from Halifax to Derry.
The clipper race round the world 2012 arrived here last week, completing their 14th leg from Derry to Den Helder. The ship Singapore was the winner.
Yesterday the clipper fleet left port for their next finish, Southhampton. At the moment Gold Coast Australia is 1st, after 14 legs.
When I saw the vid in our local news website, with the aussie boxing kangaroo stitched on the sail, waving in the stiff north sea breeze, I just had to share it with you ;-)


p.s. There's three UK ships competing too, from Londonderry, Edinburgh and Yorkshire. Clipper racing is as fascinating as slot racing!
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