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No new content found ?

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I always use the "vies new content" function on this forum. Today it keeps saying No new content found. If i vies the forum list, i Can see there Actually are new content !

I have tried logging out and login in.

Have somebody changed something ?


Ivan K
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Have you tried clicking on New Content twice? If you are in a section where there has been no activity, it will say no new content. If you are on the main board, it should work OK. The second click will default to the main board I think.
second click on 'new content' always works for me
Is the "New content since my last visit" selected under "By time period" in the left hand list?

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Nothing has been changed, as far as I know, and it's working fine for me.

As Steven has said, it might well be the filter settings on the left of the page.
Somehow i have hit "items i started. " all ok now. Thank you.
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If I'm logged in, "new content" shows nothing at all. If I log out, I can see a whole host of topics!
Sounds like it might be exactly the same problem as above. Check your filters on the left hand side of the page.

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The usual culprit is an accidental click in the "Other" section. For instance, if you click on "Just items I follow" but you haven't followed anything, then you'll see nothing. Other combinations are available which will lead to nothing appearing.

These settings are remembered if you're logged in, so you need to click them again to deselect.
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