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got up early .. put in a google search .. there it is live streaming F1 with english commentary.
type in LIVE STREAM F1 2012 in to Google and you will find.
cant remember the exact address ..
Anyone have an exact addres to give ?

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If you can be bothered, you could also watch RTL on Astra 1 (19.2e) who show the live races with the FOM feed, and listen to James Allen on Radio 5 Live - as I did this morning! Having the radio via internet meant the slight delay on the audio, neatly syncing the sound to the picture...

I bought all the gear off eBay for less than £50, it's not infringing anybodies IP, and James Allen was a lot better than his earlier stint a few years ago.

From what I have read, RTL has an agreement for FTA with F1 at SD for a few years, but the RTL HD feed is subscription only.

Capital costs has been less than 2 months of what would have been the uplift costs of my VirginMedia account to be able to access Sky F1...

Regarding the race. Still don't see how Hamilton ended up in 3rd. And I do like the style of Kimi's return to F1 - Kobayashi should realise that a few dents in the bodywork won't worry Kimi anymore after his rally days.


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