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I received a Ferrari F187 kit about five weeks ago (order placed in May, I think) and compared with the F187 kit we reviewed in SlotCarMAG back in April there are a few differences and improvements.

Firstly, and importantly, the axles are now of the correct length; a too-short front axle was the cause of the wheel wobble in Conti's Brabham review, so that is now completely cured. The two-part crown gear has been replaced by a offset crown. The baffling assortment of spacers and screws have been reduced to a much more obvious set of parts. The chassis has been altered slightly too, and from a kit-building point of view the alignment of the body with the chassis is a lot easier because the screw holes in the chassis are now elongated to give a little 'leeway' when the body is being drilled for the screws for the first time. The new chassis has some embossed lines which should also make things a little easier, and mine came pre-painted in black, although the paint was flaking off in places so I ended up painting it anyway! One omission was the spare front and rear wings, and I have to say that the quality of moulding wasn't quite up to the earlier model, but was still perfectly acceptable.

The kit went together very well, I was pleased with the overall appearance and most importantly it's a very good slot car. I would agree that Marco has been a victim of his own success. These cars are worth the wait, but more communication would make the wait a little easier.

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