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The same is happening to me. I have paid for 3 kits and a week later asked about the status of the order (in italian), a week has passed and no reply. In my opinion, he should not ask for the money before he is able to send the order immediately or be very explicit about the waiting time and he should definitely respond to emails.

I saw a video of him talking about the cars he makes and he looks like a great guy with a passion for his cars but unfortunately he also looks like a guy that could not answer emails which is bad for his business.

I will put a post here if he communicates and also when the car arrives to give a sense of will happen to other people that will buy from Nonnoslot and then become worried. I also think that (if the kits arrive) he doing something unique in this hobby, he is producing a good number of inexistent F1 cars at a quite low price.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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