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· Philip Insull
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I've just had the 1982 Ferrari in RTR form, and it performs pretty well straight out the box - low 9's for me at Wolves on the International track which is pretty good. I had the earlier Toleman as an RTR and it gave similar sort of times. I've also built up 2 Brabhams, another Toleman, Mclaren Lotus and Ferrari 187 from kits and they all went together relatively easily and the bodies required only basic preparation prior to spraying. First RTR had old style crown gear but latest stuff seems to be Slot.It which is better.
Criticisms - as has been pointed out Marco seems to have got snowed under with demand and it took a bit of badgering via e-mail to get stuff delivered (Poor soul probably hates me pestering him) but it is worth the wait and bearing in mind he is something of a one man band operation and English is a second language so he struggles a bit. (Still better than my Italian) I think Marco is starting to understand that folks are prepared to wait as long as they have some idea how long they are likely to have to wait - we all get a bit nervous when we have shelled out hard earned cash and then don't get replies to e-mails weeks later.
I personally like the one chassis fits all concept but in terms of model accuracy it does mean they are stand off rather than perfect but as they're designed to race rather than shelf queens then once they're running at speed they look the business.
As Mooster said worth the wait but you will need to be patient and probably sit tight for at least a couple of months before you see what you have ordered.
Hope this helps

· Marc Abbott
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My Villeneuve Ferrari arrived along with Moosters car and I was rather disappointed that the wheels don't fit on the axles... you need to drill out the holes slightly. Also the grub screws supplied were next to useless: One had no thread at all, another seemed to be made of toffee (very very soft) and another didn't fit the holes.
My body was slightly warped, although I think I can get around this with heat (at least I hope I can).
Haven't started to really build it yet, as I've had a lot of other projects to do.

Nonno also has a FaceBook site where Marco seems to answer quite quickly:

21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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