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As its Olympic year we cleaned and polished the old track to a gold standard for our first race of the year, although slot racing has yet to replace the nonsense that is drowning with a fixed grin (sorry, synchronised swimming or what ever its called) as an Olympic sport. it didnt take long for the track to bed in for us to race our old F32`s. for those that dont know F32 was the entry class from the old ECRA days which run from about 71 to 82. Simple brass anglewinder chassis with a lot of lead and "B" can Gp20 motors were the control spec for this class and gradually the chassis had added piano wire strengthening and moved to "C" can Gp 20 motors when they became available. The cars run on orange sponge tyres in the day but now we have black fish rubber and a complete absence of lead. . Anyway, it was good to get back racing after the festivities although I discovered my controller was still celebrating and refused to work properly, Allan managed to parallelogram his chassis, Steve Carter from the Wood Green Scalex club made a welcome reappearance and John Crocker regaled us with more jokes and tales from the music biz. and his involvement with the Beatles and Lonnie Donnigan. Its all just like a repeat of last year....
As usual the scores on the door:

1. John Secchi 33.05
2. Steve Kempson 30.04
3. Steve Francis 29.04
4. Steve Carter 29.02
5. John crocker 24.85
6. Allan feldman 19.78

D3 Can am in two weeks

Cheers Steve
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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