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Not a word about the new SlotIt GT40 in iconic Gulf livery yet, did I miss something? Isn't it on sale yet in the UK? It the news section here obsolete? I think this is one of the most awaited releases of the year and the car should be introduced properly.

I got one yesterday and it's a stunning little car. Lovely runner too, so where are all the comments, or is it just to perfect and are there no more comments to make? First thing I noticed was the improved window wiper blade. Another proof of SlotIt's commitment and their will to listen to the users in the market. Now I didn't had a chance to "destroy" my exhaust pipes so this issue seems to be addressed as well.

So are all the modelers on Holiday, or is the car so correct in all aspects that there's nothing more to grump about

Since this edition is limited to 7000 everyone should be able to get one for a normal price and I am sure I can find another one for decent money when mine is driven to pieces. Thank you Slot.It for giving us all a decent chance to get one and giving the "investors" who were already in for a quick profit a bleeding nose. Yes, there were already complaints about this can you imagine

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I was expecting the car from mid July on, so was just waiting for it to turn up from the dealer I use. I was not anticipating a fanfare as it was already announced on Italiaslot weeks ago.
But now I have it I am very pleased. Yes the wiper blade is much thinner, not that the other, fatter one really bothered me but it does show cares about customer feedback!

This car has great tyres compared to the first Ford released as it seems to me the grip is much better and the car performs well on carrera track.
I also am impressed with the innovations to create a very light car. In particular, the way the drivers body is incorporated into the seat as opposed to being a seperate part.
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