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Bit odd considering my blog title, that my first post is a review of the NSCC Slot Rally isn't it? I went on both days, Saturday as a competitor, and Sunday as 'Joe Public'. Enjoyed the whole event, and the racing was 'interesting' - my fellow club members know I'm not a great fan of corners, and there were a lot! Couple that with my lifetimes experience on wooden tracks is one evening at a club a few years ago, so I really didn't have a chance, did I? At least the cars didn't let me down! Snapped only a very limited number of pictures, three of which go some way to illustrate the mix of tracks.

For the technical minded, I raced a Ninco Lancer and a Ninco Pajero Evo - both box standard, but without magnet.

Track 1 - Wooden routed, very twisty, bit temperamental in operation... and the very tricky (for me anyway).

Track 2 - Scalextric classic with cardboard landscaping - Fun to drive this one... (Hiya Scott!)

Track 3 - SCX mix of road, raid and snow - decent 'air time' off the hump at the back of the picture!

Tracks not pictured but worth a mention - "The Hill Climb", the "Car Park" (Drift cars should have mandatory for this one!) and the "Drag Strip". The latter could be very addictive, and not just because of the lack of corners!

The excellent facilities of the Toyota HQ make this a very family friendly event, and I must add my congratulations to everybody who helped out make the weekend very enjoyable.
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