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QUOTE (cbr @ 2 Feb 2012, 20:49) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>NSR will also introduce 2mm axles this year! Should be better performance wise.
That's good news, now I can finally throw all those 2.37/2.38mm spare parts I have gathered throughout the years in the bin, NOT!

Seriously, are we waiting for another new standard size? I remember the first Ninco ProRace parts being about 2.40mm. It didn't take long for Ninco to switch to 2.38mm size because no one was using the first ProRace parts. Same story for Fly Racing parts, also started with a different size but changed to 2.38mm.

So NSR thinks they can introduce yet another size that won't even be interchangeable with their current 2.37mm parts? Wrong way to go Mr. Noviello, I predict that these parts will not be very popular.

And what will this bring performance wise? If you want light weight axles you can buy hollow ones or made of carbon.

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QUOTE (benj @ 4 Feb 2012, 14:45) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>NSR all the way, they rock, nice cars already and the new ones look good as well.

What I want to know is what there top controller is like? Any good or not?

I have one and I also have a couple of PMs and a third eye renegade 2. I race with guys that use difalcos to so have used a lot of high end controllers. The NSR is good but i found you have to use faster chips than was recommended (that maybe a personal thing) great feel with a super soft trigger. Only weakness is the brake variability. Full brake is fine but when the brakes are dialled off fully it still isn't enough roll. On standard Nincos or SCX sometimes i can't get the brakes off enough. Two of the other club guys have them and i found one of those i borrowed once to be the same.

My son uses it now and he likes it.

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The 2mm axles, bearings, gears and wheels are good news for serious racers, Salvatore. When will the parts be available, please?

Is this a new chassis for the Mosler?:-

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