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QUOTE (tomster @ 10 Feb 2012, 19:33) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I was just wondering how the Audi R8 compares to the Mosler speedwise because i might buy one.
Anyone have both and race them against each other?



Hi Tom,

Yes we race all the NSR cars apart from clio's and a abarths. The Mosler is faster than the R8. The R8 is more compatible to the Porsche 997. IMO.
However we race our cars on a MDF polyurethane track, so not sure if this makes a difference?

We find the Mosler better raced against Audi r18, gt40, etc.

The r8 is good fun, only problem is the rear spoiler has snapped on all 3 that we have. It's a bit weak.


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Mosler and Audi R18 together = pretty good match.

At the moment both our R18's are a 10th so so quicker than both Mosler's, could be a set up thing as we have spent more playing with R18's recently as it is newer.

Sorry don't have an NSR R8...

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