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Thanks to the Molesey club for hosting this event and the support from NSR/Guagemaster for sponsoring it.

Not raced mine, only had some practice laps around Oxford and Rockingham. So early start to get some more laps in.
Not too busy at 8 am on race day so managed to get a good half hour or so before the throngs arrived.
Car seemed to be going OK but then got to tech and had to adjust both front and rear track. Lucky I'd brought a shorter axle for the front and thanks to Lewis for the loan of some reduced width rears. On to the racing, got off to a good start. My first 4 heats no outs and keeping an eye on the timing screen was quite close to Terry on overall times. Then all went pearshaped. A couple of silly outs by myself then 3 assisted ones from others incidents over the next 2 heats. Qualified for B final, top 2 move up to next one. Got middle lane selection so all good for a A final grid slot. Off we go 4 cars out at turn 2. The offender taking me out and then like skittles taking another 2 out. I got resloted last and called for restart, as you would. No crack on John was response. The leader was just about to put a lap on me as Alan got my car back in the slot. So head down, take no prisoners and go for it, managed to get into 3rd by end of the race. haho its only racing.

Josh, Will and Lewis class of the day. good half-second quicker than anyone else. We all bow before you
Ed had a good day certainly the best of the rest, great going mate keep it up.
Was good watching Alan and Mark battling for the top Nascot Wooder, Mark just grabbing it. One of the later heats they were side by side and was good race between them. Mark desloted at turn one and Alan in sympathy came out as well. Did make me smile.

Great to see some new faces, hope we haven't scared you off and hope to see some of you at future events.

Shame we had a few late cancelations a few days before the event.
Overall great days racing though
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