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NSR classic endurance race for early 2013.

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Just sitting here this morning enjoying the sun and I started thinking, what kind of big event could we run on our new track. Given that our track record for attracting people to race at open meetings is pretty p*** poor it needs to be something that will have a fairly broad appeal. Personally I thought our group c event next month would fit the bill, but that's another story...

So how about an 8, 12 or dare I say it, 24 hour race for NSR classics? Run to the same rules as the WRE 24hr in Italy. I was thinking probably late Feb/early March 2013.

It would also serve as a great opportunity for anyone going to Italy next year to do some valuable testing on the same surface as the Italian race.

The event would be open to teams from anywhere, so anyone reading this please feel free to leave comments/feedback.

As I say it's just an idea at the moment, But before I go any further, I need to know if the support's there. Obviously we would be looking for six teams to make it a success.

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This event is going to cost many of us a fortune in flowers.
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Flowers are always cheap after valentines so you will be ok Graeme.
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Good One, NSR Classics, my favourites, I will be up for this one.
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