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For sale is a vgc Clio. It is an angle winder chassis and is the blue rally body.

It is extensively modified for club racing, but all of it can be put back to standard if you needed to.

It has an s-can Scaleauto blue motor, that is braced to the bearings.

The motor pod has sprung suspension on all 3 points.

It has the front hollow axle running in a brass tube to .set ride height, and has independent wheels.

Gearing to be confirmed...can't remember just now!

Will come with glued and trued supergrips on nsr airhubs.

Has a lightweight interior (piece of cardboard). Original will be supplied if I can find it.

One.rear light is missing. There is a bag of spare body bits, excluding the missing lens unfortunately.

Pics up later.

Offers on 38gp posted in the UK.

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Hi Jim,

What is this all about eh ??.

I'll offer £20 cash, to fund your next super fast projectile no doubt !!.

I have found in business, and in life actually, that anything is only worth what somebody is willing to pay for it !!.

See "Antique Roadshow" every Sunday.

see you Thursday.

vbr Chris.
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