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QUOTE (Profoxcg @ 6 Aug 2015, 02:11) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>What color is that yellow you used?
I would love to get an ALPS printer, too bad they no longer make them.
That would be Tamiya TS 16 Yellow, decanted and sprayed with an airbrush. Its actually a bit to dark for a true GM yellow, but it is what I had laying around at the time.
Zero paints do have a proper GM corvette Yellow, might use that the next time.
As for the ALPS, yes they were great printers, but you can get very similar results with modern printers as well.

QUOTE (McCrash @ 6 Aug 2015, 02:12) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Neat little feature! Functional and adds to the detail!. superb build! On another planet compared to my meer mortal abilities! Lol
Mark as with all things, its 99% transpiration and 1% Talent/ Inspiration, and if you're're mortal

QUOTE (GRUNZ @ 6 Aug 2015, 03:31) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Tamar
You are officially in my list of Detail-Freaks ;-)
So, how did it perform? I heard that in the GT3 class the 'vette is the weapon of choice. But also the AVS and the new Z4 should not be bad.
I have got one that I would like to set up but for the track where I race the optimal gear ratio is something between 3.2 and 3.6.
But I believe that with the AW config is not possible to get above 2.8 (using a 12 pinion and 34 crown).
I think I will config my vette with a SW pod using a 25K short-can motor.
Holliday season means club comp is on hold, ran it before I left on vacation and although it was more or less on the pace with the other NSR's noticed I had a bit less grip and power than the previous test run.
Came home and checked the car only to notice that I had not cut the stubs of the fuel filler caps, which had neatly grinded two big grooves in both my rear much for the "expert"

Weapon of choice always seems to be related to the latest weapon, slotracers will always think that new is better

Its a bit late for me now to do mind math, but is a 3.2 gearing on a high revving 25k short can not very similar to a 2.8 gearing for a lwo revving but more torque 21k Baby King?

QUOTE (LMP @ 6 Aug 2015, 08:47) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Now I'm waiting for the air-powered hex driver to appear in the pitbox, for rapid deployment of grub-jacks

Gary if I had air power in the pitbox, I would be able to make proper air jacks now would'nt I

QUOTE (jay-bl @ 6 Aug 2015, 08:51) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Tamar, you are the devil with the details! Bet you even make the little "Vvvvt!" noises as you wind those in and out, don't you?

No Jay, I dont make noises, I dont need when I see a good looking automatically takes me back to where I saw that car running in the wild.
The sounds, smell, the reverberance of the V8 in your body..its all there.
Maybe that's why I've always been compelled to build my cars I build my cars

with kind regards

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your car and decaling are superb. its the one job I hate and know it can make or break a car. funny thing is I love making a chassis, painting and detailing the car, its just the decaling I hate doing. John
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