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Nsr Corvette part 2 the Mad Crock

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a week ago started a new project....2 to follow

a few fictures of the building and the final result. I'm not used with the decal setting and a lot of people advised me not to start with this but I'm satisfied with the result

starting with a white kit NSR and putting on the decals for hours and hours.....

and this is the result of a lot of patience and lots and lots of decal softener

upcoming a RedBull and a Monster

greetz Frank
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are those the decaldoc decals?

The result is quite good, you can be proud of yourself!


yes they are from decaldoc. I was not sure and when I wanted to check the site was under construction

they are not cheap but the quality is fantastic


Thats really good - only thing out of sync on the #12 car is that the drivers names are on the top of the door glass rather than the roof edges, see below - but only someone who follows GT1 as close as me would notice!

470 by edfahey, on Flickr
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thx and the link is already on my favourite list.

I saw on other pictures that the nr 12 names are on the top of the door glas but than I also had to make a black border and first trial it didnt work out so I put them on top + I didn't like the black banners around the glass. With all the effort that I put in the creating of the car I should have done like the original
Perhaps it²s only a matter of good masking but ......


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very nice job didn't know these decals before
Amazing, simply amazing.

You must have the patience of a saint.

Great advert for the good Doctors work too!

I remember doing the Boss 956 with the pin stripes and crying repeatedly, especially when Slotit then produced it!

Keep it up, can't wait for the Monster version!


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Very Nice looks fantastic. did you have much trouble putting the decal over the curved surfaces i've done it once on my first build and had a bit of trouble.
Fantastic job, I know how hard decals this complex are. Full respect for that one

Are you going to be even more brave and protect your work with a top coat?
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'Quite' good!

Yeah I'd say its very bloody 'quite' good!

Well done sir
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Great job! I cant even imagine the patience it took to do that. Came out very nice.
Sorry for the late reply. Reason I do not get any notice when there is something posted

ScaleJim is used a lot of softener for this one. Difficult job but it turned up nice. After putting the decal I drowned it with softener.

Swissracer Since I`m using paint and clear coat from Hiroboy I`m not afraid anymore of getting problems. This car is clear coated but it`s strange because when you look at the car it`s still looking ..... and feeling like a crocodile no really the structure is still in it and I like it and it`s protected because I did quit some test rounds and next Friday I will race with it in our Corvette NASR competition.

The Monster Corvette for a colleague driver will be assembled tonight and pictures will follow

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