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I have recently purchased the NSR Ford GT40, the red #7 car, for racing at my club. The club track is MDF routed, and painted gloss black.

I have been fiddling with the car for a few weeks now, and seem to have hit a brick wall performance wise. So far, I have done:

-Change the chassis to the Hard White version
-Glue in the motor and the bearings
-Brass tube to stop front axle slop
-Add two small pieces of lead behind the front wheels
-Change the motor to a 22k Red can
-Glue and true tyres, change rears to Ultragrips (Club rules state that NSR Classic cars must have the original style of tyres)

That's about it really. So what I am asking is, what other little tricks have you learnt to get those extra 10ths?


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So how far off the pace are you? In my experience NSR tyres respond very well to chemical enhancement. If the club allows chemically improved tyres to be used I would go down this path. By far it will give you the biggest improvement. Find out what others are using and copy it. Oil of winter green, 3in1 oil, WD40 whatever the chemical tour de force is at your club, just copy it.


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Hi Chris can you describe what the isses are ie motor not reving properly, too slow, handles poorly, deslots or other. I assume that the bearings and ears are all true and smoothly spining and not robbing power.

NSR's are usually quite simple to setup if everything is true and straight. Gluing the tyres on is a must and as Rick stated tyre treatment can drop the lap times dramatically.

Are you running the body/pod with any float? We run a great deal of NSR cars at our club and the only real trick is to ensur ethat the body, pod and screws do not catch on any part of the car so that you get free float of the body on the chassis.

As Rick hinted at have a talk to you local track guru he/she should be able to identify the issues.


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