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This season is the third we have run NSR GT3 at West London and it has proved to be a very popular and competitive class. The rules we run to are very straightforward, the car must run standard except front and rear tyres may be changed. The only other mod we allow is the fitting of a NSR spring kit to the motor cradle, this is a readily available spare, easy to fit and definitely makes a difference. Dont get me wrong these cars run well without the spring kit but it just softens out the handling which promotes confidence for the driver and you can push just a bit harder. As for the tyres most people run the skinny NSR fronts and on the back you see a selection of NSR ultras, ready to run greys and recently the new red slicks, I have seen people have success with all these variations.
Another big plus for this class is the varied grid it promotes, last week I saw Astons, Corvettes, Audis, BMwZ4s and there are other models.
I would recommend this class to any club.
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