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A good close race class this one. Very popular. With modifications limited to tyre choice and adding suspension it is an economical class too (ok, NSR can be pricey .... ).

With a choice of 5 cars (6 if you include both versions of the Corvette C6 and C7) it makes for an interesting grid. This week was the first with some trying out the Mercedes GT3. It is competitive!

Tyre choice seems to be the main topic at the moment. The original top tyres, NSR Ultra and Scaleauto Sculpture, are now challenged by the new NSR Red. Some still prefer the NSR Grey.

It is down to what suits you and your car I suppose.

So, the racing was fast and close. Lots of side by side laps and close finshes. Some got their best lap and heat times too.

Paul suffered a broken motor at the start of his red lane so lost a possible good time on that one and had to revert to his number 2 car.

Pete had his number one BMW Z4 dumped on the floor resulting in a broken motor mount. Bringing out the number 2 car. Which turned out to be just as rapid. Grabbing overall first place by 0.21 sec.

Nic and Nicholas had their usual ding ding battle throughout the night, Nic edging it by about a second overall.

New driver Jesus Mc' used his Nicholas prepared Mercedes for the first time. What a car it turned out to be! Fast and stable. Impressive 8.78 sec lap! Now just keep it on the island ...


Pos. Name Lap Time (Drop 1)

1st Pete E. 8.63 11:18.95

2nd Nic C. 8.56 11:19.16

3rd Nicholas C. 8.62 11:20.14

4th Russell T. 8.88 11.32.59

5th Paul B. 8.88 11:43.96

6th Alan H. 9.03 11:49.05

7th Jesus Mc. 8.78 11:56.07

8th Graham M. 8.92 11:57.01

9th Arif S. 8.93 12:08.01

10th Jerry N. 9.06 12:29.14

11th Eddie T. 9.50 13:22.78

12th Frank T. 9.74 13:35.63


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