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As stated fitting the guide spacers is the way to go. Spacers on the motor pod will have little effect because the rear axle is also on it! sorry to state the obvious!
The motor should be screwed in at the pinion end AND glued both ends. I also remove the motor label and glue down each side but we do run on wood. Use a cheap low viscosity super glue to start with whilst the motor is in place. You can use a high strength glue later if this cures the problem.
You should also glue the axle bearings in place making sure that they are in alignment first!
We also run with the front screw of the motor pod tight, I am not saying this will be correct for your track/conditions but you should try it.
As a general rule of thumb the more grip the track has the stiffer the chassis/pod will need to be.
I am assuming you trued as well as glued the tyres.
Normally I would say make only one change at a time but in this instance all of the above should be done to ANY car running without a magnet before you can expect good results.
Good luck!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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