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NSR Motor into Scalextric Lola

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I've got a spare NSR King 21 Evo motor. It looks as though it's the same size and shape as the motor in my Scalextric MG Lola.......

Would the NSR motor really fit, and if so, is it an easy job to do it?


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I believe that the King 21 Evo is a long can motor AKA Boxer or FK-180
Scalextric motors are FC-130 type AKA S-can or Mabuchi
In the NSR range the motors that match the Scalextric shape are called "Shark"
Thanks for the explanation, so the Shark will fit straight in, but the King won't?
The shark is a much closer fit however,
I have never fitted one in a Lola but have in another in-line scalextric car.

The NSR motor shaft extends from both ends of the motor
The shaft can be trimmed with a cutting disk in a dremel.
You will also need to find a suitable pinion.
I have never tried using a scalextric pinion on an NSR, this may be problematic as the NSR shaft isn't knurled.
Someone may advise on here on suitable glue/locking compound

If you use a brass pinion this may increase wear on the scalextric crown.
This may lead to investigation into a rear end swap (axle, crown, bearings hubs and tyres)
NSR and make kits for this.

The last problem then is if the replacement pinion fits into space available

NB don't forget you will need to solder the leads from the guide to the motor
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Thanks for the explanation Slotnik, that's given me plenty to think about.
Whoops small mistake
"The last problem then is if the replacement pinion fits into space available"
should read
"The last problem then is if the replacement crown fits into space available"
Scalex pinions have much too wide a hole for an NSR Shark motor. No glue or compound will keep it in place, I would think.

SlotIt do a 9t inline brass pinion for Scalex. That'll fit. Don't worry about axlegear wear. The mesh will be fine and it won't wear more than normal.
Yes put the NSR shark motor in and then buy yourself
a Pinion and Contrate gear (these are super smooth and very durable gears).

If you look on Ebay you can pick them up for a couple of pounds, a very wise investment. See links below... Contrate Gear Pinion Gear
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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