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The King Evo is a big motor - longer than standard Scalextric.

The Scalextric FF motor is much smaller - designed to squeeze into F1 cars, sidecars etc. The FF motor also has a smaller diameter drive shaft (1.5mm).

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the electric motors in our hobby are usually given pet names or some people use mfr names for them; this is the easiest way to talk about them, use the mfr designation codes.

FC130 = pretty much your standard Scalextric motor, a short, metal can w/ a plastic endbell, sometimes called a "mabuchi" or "S-can"
FK130 = a closed can, short armature motor; FLY Racing motors found in BMW's, etc., also the Ninco NC-8 & their new "Sparker"
FK180 = a closed long can motor, often called a "Boxer", the majority of the Ninco & NSR motors

FF050 = small, closed can motor; Scalex newer F1 motor

Here are some links that may help:


Slot car motor list

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Almost everything is possible, but to keep thing realistic.
NSR Shark is good motors and fits most Scalex,
Both Scaleauto and MRRC makes several ff motors thath fits scalex with ff motors.

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Hey bagnoleman...if you tell us what you have and what you are trying to do, you might get some better advice.

Say you have a car with an ff motor and you carve out the chassis to fit an NSR king(FK180 size) motor, then it may well work.Not sure for how long though.

But just like in 1/1 car modifying...changing something always leads to another issue.
Doing this sort of thing is great for your learning goes up, your bank balance goes down but you now know something you didnt before.

Please tell.

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If the model you have has the FF motor then no other motor will fit it other than another FF motor as Scalex only fit them to small cars with tiny room inside for a motor. Unless you conduct major surgery, of course.
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