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Hi Rob
Brought one back from my recent visit to Italy, i also tried it out of the box at Woodgreen [with Ortman tyres] and as yours it was carp!
Apart from the adjustments you mention i also did the following:
The gearing as it came was about 2.2:1 which found undrivable so replaced the 14t pinion with a 12t.
Using smaller diameter rear tyres i managed to losen the pod screws and lowered the back end quite a bit, replaced and trued the front tyres to suit ground clearance.
Locked up the drop arm, left it a little loose so as to not distort the chassis and also allowed plenty of body movement by leaving the body screws very loose.
Not sure why they use a guide which has so much shaft movement but restricted it.
Screws and washers were used to hold the motor in place, no lead on the car at all.
When a light weight intirior becomes available then i will replace it as the one fitted weighs a ton and all in the wrong place!
Tried it again last Tuesday and the thing was transformed, probably needs a few more adjustments but it can't be too far off.
Good luck
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