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Hi Rob,

We race NSR's here in the south of Italy, but not on a wood track. Almost all racers modify NSR cars and the 997 is no exception. You could try the following tweeks.

Swop the rear tyres for PRS GT lights, change the fronts to low grip hard ZO P1's, 14.2 x 8mm (quite a stretch!).

Don't glue the tyres to the rims, it's not necessary. You won't need superglue on the front tyres.

Restrict the drop arm movement to 1mm and make sure there is 0.5mm sideplay in the front and rear axles. Gear ratio should be OK as standard, the motor is quite torquey.

Slacken off the motor pod screws so the pod has about 1.5mm of movement in the chassis and replace the chassis/bodymount screws with longer, fine thread set screws, cheesehead type. The fine thread will not catch in the chassis mounting holes and therefore move more freely. The chassis should move at least 2mm off the body mounting posts. Make sure there's no fouling between chassis and bodyshell, if poss.

You could also try changing the slot guide for a deep guide, they are longer and deeper than the NSR type.

Change the interior for a lightweight version.

You should find the car drives smoother. Let us know how you get on.


Chris R
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