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Roblees if your car is going to run on a tight track an evo with 14/31 gears is definately overpowered. Do you have a controller with a choke? If not down motoring is the best way possible. gives some great tips on how to setup a car for plastic track which is exactly what not to do if you are running on wood. For a wood track firm up the drop arm to solid. The porsche has an adjustable front end so lift it to just above track height or just touching (up to you) then from the top take out any of the slop so the front end is firm. Same goes for the pod screw it up tight then back the tension of a 1/4 or half turn just so the pod is not pulling on the chassis but is still firm. If you are allowed to add weight add a few grams in the triangle between the motor and the rear axle (only 2 or 3gms) and add some in the nose of the car as far forward and centred as possible. Always glue the tyres to the hubs as wood has no give and wont absorb energy like plastic does so gluing the tyres is essential.

I cant give you a tip regarding tyre choice because that is track specific. Just use what grips best on the surface you run on.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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