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My hard-bodied slot cars need to go to a good home, or homes, before we leave these shores. Details of the cars are below, and all but one come without boxes. Most have had tyres changed and softer copper braids fitted, and most have had weight added (but this can be removed easily). All were sorted to get the best possible performance - that's the problem with being retired and having too much time on your hands.

Please bear in mind these cars have been raced, and therefore all show the scars of battle. From back left of the photograph:

1. Spirit Peugot 406
Really disappointed with this car until John Watts (ex-BSCRA champion, and Scalextrix World Championship finalist) sorted it. Beautifully smooth, and easy to drive. Faster without the magnet! Raced on both routed and Ninco track.

2. Scalextric Astra (Special Edition). Some weight added and tyres changed (Cartrix, I think).

3.Scalextric Astra (Special Edition). My first hard-bodied car and always the saloon car to beat at Bexhill. Some weight added and tyres changed (Cartrix, I think). No wing mirrors.

4. Scalextric NASCAR - Chevrolet Impala No.24 Dupont
Absolutely untouched, as the club had a class for original Scalextric Nascars. I think the only modification was to true and glue the tyres.

5. Spirit Peugot 406.
Set up like my other 406. Brilliant to drive, and quick in a straight line and round the bends.

6. Ninco Renault Megane Lightning (I think)
Beautiful-looking car. Some weight added and the rear of the car was braced (with hot glue) to cure the "Ninco Hop". Very light use.

7. Slot-it Nissan R390 GT1
Set-up as an inline. Lovely and smooth.

8. Slot-it Porsche 956C
With or without a magnet, this is an absolute flier.

9. NSR Mosler MT900R
Hardly touched, apart from a little added lead. Arguably the fastest and smoothest of all the NSR Moslers at the club.

10. Sideways Riley Mk XX No.6 Blue/Black
Chassis was cracked on this and repaired, and IMO the car is as good as it ever was. The motor blew and was replaced by Sean at Pendle with a new one. Held the Sports/GT record at the Bexhill routed track.

11. NSR Porsche 917K Le Mans 1970
Comes complete with box from the double set. Not as fast as the Mosler in a straight line (smaller engine), but a joy to drive.

12. Scalextric Dodge Viper Competition Coupe 3-R Racing #22
One of the rear tale lights does not work, but I am sure it is only a loose connection.

13. Scalextric Dallara
Unlike most F1 and Indy cars, this is built like a tank. Not as quick as some in a straight line but around the bends ...

14. Scalextric F1 Ferrari
Some damage to front wing (repaired) and the front axle/suspension needs sorting.

15. Scalextric M23 McLaren No 12 J Mass
The front right wheel needs to be properly attached to the axle. Easily done, I suspect, by someone with better eyesight than me. Very quick on both routed and Ninco club tracks.

Please PM me with offers, and/or questions. Cars will be bubble-wrapped and packed safely, and sent by Special Delivery (so insured). P & P should be no more than £6.00.


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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