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NSR Vauxhall Viva!!! Pics..

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But I tell you what this old Airfix Viva has been down to famous slot car builder Scudbong Pete who`s put a new motor & stuff in it, & it now goes like a scadded cat! Everything he has done has been on the performance side & he`s made a real difference.
Over the moon with it Pete.. thanks a lot mate!

A super slo-mo photo of the car struggling for adhesion as it hurtles round the curved chicane at a measured scale speed of 360mph!!

The car striking a pose outside Bettys refreshment kiosk, showing off it`s sleek racing lines.Notice the high quality tampo printed race roundels & registration plate.

For added instability the Airfix Viva features super skinny tyres & a cheap nylon twin peg guide.

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The Viva looks really good, they don't seem to come up for sale that often and usually fetch a good price when they do.

I had a go at one of the re-issue kits that Airfix did a few years back.

I don't think mine has actually made it round a corner without falling over, even with the fatter tyres fitted

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