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NSSRC 2012 Class Rules

Vintage class has been added to the rules and Grand Am has been removed other than that no major changes to the main rules this year.

Ninco Angle Winder
• Any Ninco angle winder (not Pro Race)
• Max width of front or rear axle including tyre 65mm
• Tyres free choice
• Motor NC5 only and must run original label
• Must run the standard Ninco guide (including spring if present in original form), gearing, axle's, interior and wheels that came with car must remain, if a part has to be replaced it must be of the same size or type. No trimming of the wheel arches, lightening of the body and interior must remain untouched.
• Steps can be taken to allow body rock (refer to main rules)
• When viewed from above tyre wheels not to protrude more than 1mm (front and rear)

The only modifications allowed
• Bracing and securing of the motor, running gear and stopper.
• Steps can be taken to stop front axle rock
• The rear bushes can be exchanged for plastic Scalextric bushes
• Trimming the central lip on the Ninco wheels is allowed to enable tyres to fit better.
• Braid, tyres, lead wire are all free choice
• All Lightning weight cars must run with 2.5g on driver platform

Touring Car
• Any car that has raced in the British or German touring car series or Silhouette car
• Max width of front or rear axle including tyre 65mm
• Any motor rated up to 21,500 rpm @ 12v (must be stated on the label)
• When viewed from above tyre/wheels not to protrude more than 1mm (front or rear)
• Wheel arch extensions are not allowed
• Must run interior and driver (can be lightweight)
• Steps can be taken to allow body rock (refer to main rules)

Le Man
• Any car that has raced at Le Man from any era
• Max width of front or rear axle including tyre 65mm
• Any Motor Currently available, and run in any format
• Must Run Interior and driver (can be light weight)
• Steps can be taken to allow body rock (refer to main rules)
• Wheel arch extensions are not allowed
• HRS chassis can be run under a Le Man type car if you wish

Super 4x4
• Any super mini type car, including Golf, Saxo, Clio, Megane or Megane trophy.
• Any car that is a 4wd can have all 4 wheels attached to the drive train but this is optional.
• Max width of front or rear axle including tyre 65mm
• When viewed from above wheel/tyre must not protrude.
• Must have an interior (light weight can be used NSR Clio exempt read Clio rule)
• Any motor rated up to 21,500 rpm @ 12v (must be stated on the label)
• NSR Clio and Punto must run with original driver platform and must contain 1 full driver, all components must be present (if in doubt ask)
• Steps can be taken to allow body rock (refer to main rules)

Porsche Super Cup
• Car must be a Polly car Porsche
• Must run with slot it V12/3 21,500rpm Motor
• Max width of front axle including tyre 63.00mm
• Max width of rear axle including tyre 66mm
• Must run with rear wing (and must be present at the start of each race and in the correct position)
• Shell must remain completely standard can be painted
• Driver platform and driver must remain original, no lightweight interior
• Steps can be taken to allow body rock (refer to main rules)
• Motor pinion must be 11 tooth only

• Cars must be closed wheel, 1972 and before.
• Front and rear wheels must run with matching wheel inserts, includes built in inserts.
• Maximum wheel diameter 15mm for and NSR cars (not including tyre)
• Rear tyres must be F22 and F22 must be visible on the side wall, tyres must not be glued/stuck to the wheels.
• Maximum width of rear axle 60mm (Including tyre)
• Air wheels are not allowed
• Front wheels must not be visible when the car is viewed from above

• Motors allowed 21k (SIMF06), NSR 20K Shark
• Pinion 11 tooth only
• Sidewinder Spur Gears 30/31/32/33/34/35/36 tooth only
• In the case of, NSR and other manufacturers the cars motor mounts must be locked in place by the motor mount screws, therefore no forward or side to side movement from the motor pod.
• All models must run sidewinder, no exception.
• NSR Cars must retain the 20k Shark motor ( motor must not be used in an NSR model)
• Scratch built cars are allowed i.e. 1972 shell on an HRS chassis, and must adhere to all other rules.
• No modifying of the shell i.e. removing wheel arches
• Interiors must remain standard

If in any doubt please ask

Race Format

All classes are to be run on distance over 2min 30sec with laps and footages counting, to your total distance over 6 races. Total distance determines the winner. In the event of a tie, the furthest distance in any of the 6 races will determine the winner.

NSSRC General Rules 2012

Must be 1/32 scale
Must have matching body and chassis
Must have interior including driver
Must run front tyres
Weight may be added to the inside of the car and must be secure
Screws maybe loose and maybe covered with tape or blu tac to prevent loss, if you do continue to lose a screw/screws from the same car in multiple races tape/blu tac will be compulsory for the rest of that evening.
If a wheel or Body is lost during a race it must be replaced within one lap, if you choose to continue for another lap you will lose the points for that race.
If you borrow a car, 1st you must make it clear to scrutineering, 2nd you will be able to run but you will receive no points for that race.
Tyres must be rubber on all cars raced, no ortmans, urethane, silicone or sponge.
Body Rock: This can be achieved by the heating of the shell so it can be expanded to fit a tight chassis, or light shaving or filing of the chassis (not shell). The modification must not be as extreme that a full 1 or 2mm gap is around the edge of the chassis. Body rock is what the rule is for not lightening of the car.

Race Rules
Drivers must not leave the podium until the last car has crossed the finish line.
After 3 minutes of the previous race ending the next race will start.
After racing you must marshal the colour coordinated point, if you are unable to marshal you must arrange for someone else to marshal your spot.
Cars must be put back on track were they came off.
No deliberate crashing.
If you do not start the race you will receive no distance for that race.
Should a car breakdown during a race it cannot be replaced
Should a track fault be called, the race is to be finished and the fault to be confirmed before a restart.
If 4 cars are off on the first bend a restart will be called
If a car deslots on the strait 1st the driver must make the other racers and race control aware they are off, the power will be cut and the car will be put back on by a marshal. If there is a crash as a result of a deslot on the straight, the marshals are to quickly assess the cars, if they are damaged the car can be handed to the driver, when the race is restarted for repair.
If you are repeatedly desloting in straight lines you will be asked to remove your car until the problem is resolved. This decision is to be made by scrutineering.
The use of tape, oil 3in1 type and zippo on the tyres is accepted at the track, the use of any other liquid is band, and this includes wintergreen, Mb slot treatment basically anything that smells must not be added to your tyres on the night. If in doubt ask.

This will take place at the start of the night when paying, your car must not race until it has been scrutinised.
A basic width check of the rear and front axles inc tyres, and the car will be looked over to check it conforms to the rules.
If you fail to pass (i.e. no wing, incorrect width etc) you can run the car but you will be penalised points (10 points) or distance (10 laps) off your final total (unless you are borrowing a car then the borrowed car rule applies (no points)
If you change your car it must be presented for re-scrutineering.
Random scrutineering will take place throughout the night.
Scrutineer's decision is final.

If in doubt please ask

Best Wishes

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Hi Shaun


You have stated that the max wheel diameter is 15mm for slot-it and NSR.

This forces people to change the wheels on a purchased model FRONT AND BACK as they have to be a matched.

Example Slot-it Alfa has back wheels of 16mm -.1mm. (not including tyre)

Regards Steve

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Hi Steve
The your right mate after measuring the (15x8 Lightweight Alloy Wheels - Small Saloon Size- Stated by wheel they are actually 15.8 ish. Now as im not going to be measuring everyone's wheels as i will be able to tell if they are not the 15x8 or small saloon wheels. The ones provided with the Alfa, Ferrari and GT40 will be fine as long as someone doesn't put a set of 17mm rims on and says that what it came with cos that will be illegal.

The out of the box, Classic cars front wheels are 14mm so there is no problem, they are within the maximum diameter.
The wheel inserts must match front and rear not the wheel size so 14mm front and 15mm+1 rear is fine.

The NSR cars will have to change there rear wheels as they come with air hubs as standard, the front wheels are fine.

Best Wishes
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