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Hi all,

The 2018 running of the "American Trophy" meeting will be run on Sunday 29th July 2018 at

Oaklands Park MCC,
Steel Spinnings Ltd.,
Steward Street,
West Midlands, B18 7AF.

There will again be three classes but all three will now be CSCRA classes and all three will count for results.

The entry fee is £15 (includes all three classes).

Car Classes

Class 1 - Inline "Yank Tanks"

Open to any car that has competed in either a Trans-Am or NASCAR race up to 1972 inclusive with a minimum wheelbase of 106", built to that car's period CSCRA class - in other words "Yank Tanks" only - this minimum w/b does allow in Mustangs and Camaros etc

Note 1.1 - Sidewinders are permitted if, and only if, the chassis of the car is based around a Pioneer or Scalextric/Hornby RTR Trans-Am car. Scrutineer's discretion will be used on this as this is intended to allow for modified RTR cars not full-scratchbuild sidewinders.

Class 2 - Open Wheel

Open to cars built for CSCRA class GP5. Cars may be either Indy Cars - 1964-1970 (inclusive), F1 Cars - 1966-1970 (inclusive) or F5000 cars 1968-1970 (inclusive). Note that Indy and F1 cars use the same CSCRA class in this period, F5000 should also be built to the same regs.

Note 2.1 - F1 cars must have raced in either the United States, Canadian, or Mexican GPs in this period. Consult for entry lists.

Note 2.2 - F5000 includes SCCA Formulae A & B.

Class 3 - Can Am, 1966-1972 (inclusive)

Open to cars built for CSCRA class SP6.

Note 3.1 - "Traditional" Can-Am cars only. No closed cars as raced at Watkins Glen in 1971 (Porsche 917K, Ferrari 512M etc.) or similar oddities.

Race Format

All three classes will be run to segmented, 4x3 format with qualification into four man finals. Qualification will be run to full distance driven in one minute, free choice of lane. Win from any final. The race computer allows for one minute between segments, drivers to simply change positions, marshals to move cars and "sticker up". That minute will not be paused except at race controller's discretion.

Competitors may not replace a broken car during their 4x3 race. At race controllers discretion a car that breaks during qualification may be replaced for the race.

Victor Ludorum

VL will be scored based upon a competitors results in all three classes. Finishing positions will be added together, lowest scores wins such that 3 will be the best score possible. Competitors must compete in all three classes to be eligible for VL placings.


There will be a trophy for best car in each class. Each competitor will vote for his or her favourite other car in each class, highest number of votes wins. In the case of a draw, the highest place car in the race will be regarded as the tie-breaker. Concours results do not affect race results. Cars entered for concours must be used for racing.


We will be open on Saturday 28th for practice, from 11am until 6pm. We are unable to provide any food other than tea/coffee/biscuits but there is a 24 hour Tesco, petrol station, fried chicken takeaway, noodle takeaway, and fish-and-chip shop all within 5 minutes walk of the clubroom, we also have a Microwave on the premises.

We hope to see you there.

Sandy and Ralph

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Hi Guys

No problem **** will do and Mark.

I have put another page up with the correct dates so anyone else wishing to enter could you please see that page

which is Oaklands Park American Trophy 2018

Thanks Sandy
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