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Oaklands Park American Trophy Meeting 2012 (CSCRA)

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As is a semi-regular tradition, July will see the US-themed American Trophy meeting at Oaklands Park, Smethwick, West Midlands on Sunday, July 1st 2012.

Racing will be for two classes, NASCAR/Trans Am to 1972 and Sportscars to 1993.

Class 1 (A.M.) - NASCAR/Trans Am to CSCRA Trans-Am Class A ('66-'72) and NASCAR Class B ('63-'90) rules. Note that the '72 cut off date applies to both classes.
- Only cars that competed in either NASCAR or a Trans Am race
- Only cars up to 1972 inclusive
- Only cars with a wheelbase of 106" minimum. This is intended as a "yank tank" class for big cars i.e. no 911, GTAm, Triumph Vitesse etc. (this minimum wheelbase does allow for pony cars such as Mustangs and Camaros.)
- Cars based around Pioneer and Scalextric RTR pony cars may have sidewinder motors if the original chassis is still in use i.e. they are RTR or modified RTR. This is not a "get out" to allow for proper scratch built cars to circumvent the "inline only" rule.

Class 2 (P.M.) - Sebring 12 hours ('50 to '93) and Daytona 24 hours ('64 to '93) Sportscars built to whichever CSCRA Sportscar class (3 to 8) is period correct.
- Only cars that competed in either the Sebring 12h or Daytona 24h upto 1993 inclusive.
- 1.5mm ground clearance rule is required for classes 4-8 this will be observed and you may find that Slot.It and (especially) NSR cars will need guide-spacing to comply. NSR cars in the their standard trim dragging the chassis on the track will not be allowed.

Race fees will be £5 per class, payable upon the day. No need for formal pre-registration, simply let us know in the thread if interested in order to ensure we provide adequate chocolate biscuit-age.

We're trying something a little different here and allowing nearly all periods of sportscars which means that if you have a Slot.It car there's a good chance it fits in. The end date of 1993 includes the whole period of Group C.

If you are unsure of whether a specific full size prototype raced in the endurance events at either Sebring or Daytona I suggest as a good reference which I will probably be using as the definitive checklist. As ever for these sort of events, if your car is obscure some printed evidence will smooth things considerably.

For club contact details and address why not visit our funky new club board here on SFI?


Oaklands Park MCC
Harry Mitchell Leisure Centre,
Coopers Lane,
West Midlands B67 7DH
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Hi Coop.
Put me down for an entry,please.
We do need to make sure a certain 'Pocket Rocket' does not find out about this event though, so don't mention it to Malcolm!!
Cheers Bill.
And me Owen. We missed it last year...

Can you clarify, if you have a model of a car that raced in these events, does it have to be in the correct livery for the specific race?


PS. Nice to see you have a sub-forum here now.
QUOTE Can you clarify, if you have a model of a car that raced in these events, does it have to be in the correct livery?

No it doesn't.

A place in both classes for me too please Owen.
Hi Owen, i plan on coming along so ill have a word with the boss
slot it sounds like fun

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As Mutley would have said.
Drat darn and double drat!!
Still we can still battle for second place!
Hi all,

A couple of points on bodyshells I'd like to clear up before people start work on cars.

Porsche 956 & 962

The 956 never ran in North America because IMSA outlawed it on safety grounds as it placed the driver's ankles too far forwards (I've heard that there was more to it than this and it was actually down to politics but we'll go with the publicly accepted tale). The 962 was effectively the 956 Evo and external differences are minimal. Due to this and that fact that most of the Slot.It Porsches are 956s I will accept 956s in this event.

Jaguar XJR-14

This car was released by SCX with the SRS chassis. Sadly this XJR-14 never ran in either of the Daytona or Sebring endurance races but it is very similar to the XJR-16 which did race in the Daytona 24h in 1992. So I'm going to adopt a similar rule to the 956/962 one above and will accept the XJR-14 in this event.

On the subject of the XJRs, the Scalextric bodyshell of the XJR-9 is legal and did race without wheelspats so don't worry about the lack of them on the Scalextric car. The XJR-9 and XJR-12 made by Slot.It are legal.

Roadcars/Wide Bodies

There is a lot of potential for widearch conversions of road-going sportscars in the years covered by this meet. However, any body modifications can only be modelled in order to represent a specific car that raced in this period, at these events. In other words, bring photographic proof although you will not be required to produce an accurate paint scheme - but that's always nice if you chose to do so. Cars race in the form in which they raced in period.

Similarly, cars that ran in period and have different model generations that postdate the 1993 cut off (e.g. Mazda RX-7, Ford Mustang, Porsche 911) must be represented with the correct period model.

For example, a 911 will either be of the original 911 generation or the 930 one that followed it. (Possibly 968 which might sneak in at the end). It is not acceptable to say "911 raced, therefore I will use this modern NSR 997 bodyshell". Obvious I know, but worth pointing out.


We are into the period where cars ran with large rear wings/spoilers. I'm going to borrow a rule from the Wolverhampton club rules and state that cars with wings must start each race with a wing securely fixed to them.


Dimension rules trump all others claims to cars being legal.For example, the Ferrari 512BBLM is technically legal as it raced in period but the Carrera body isn't acceptable because it's overwidth (I know because I tried it) and I'm not aware of another 1:32 representation of this car. I may have said "Slot.It XJRs are legal" but onus is on entrant to ensure they are dimensionally legal - e.g. ground clearance for NSR cars.

One Car/Two Classes

Cars like the Camaro and Mustang raced in both Trans-Am and the Daytona/Sebring events. So, depending upon which Trans-Am car you are racing, it should be acceptable to enter your Trans-Am car in the Sports event so long it is dimensionally legal. If it's an unsual car, bring proof. Conversely if you have an under 2-litre Trans Am car that isn't legal for the Trans-Am class then check as it might well be OK for the sportscar class, if probably shockingly uncompetitive.

(Is dimensionally a word? If not it ought to be)

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I would love to have a go at this! At least it's not limited to one set-up like the challenge.
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We,ll take that as an entry then Sam and look forward to seeing you at THE PARK .
Hi all,
Can anyone tell me if this event is still on?
If it is on where will it be held?
I hope it is still happening, it would be a shame to miss it two years in a row.
Hi Mick,
Regrettably we will not be able to run the meeting.
As you know we lost our "hut" beginning of the year & are currently trying to get a track built at new premises in Birmingham.

ps - Dave Collins, can you remove this from your callendar please.
Hi Eddie,
Thanks for the reply.
I thought that might be the case.
We all look forward to racing at the 'new Oaklands Park' just as soon as it's ready.
See you soon.
I've removed the event from the CSCRA calendar Eddie - with regret. I hope we are racing with you at the new Oaklands very soon.

Thanks Dave.
Got a 96 foot 4 lane track drawn up in AutoCad & approved by the members.
We are going for CNC routed track surface, hope we can get some pictures up once we take delivery of the bits & get building.
In limbo at the moment waiting for someone to return from holiday so we can place the order, got the braid though!

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