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Here's a few pics of the OCA Ferrari 250TR project I've started. I've shown it compared to the Ninco version....

Even without finalising ride height it sits a lot lower and looks a lot sleeker compared to the Ninco. I've used the very handy Pendle PCS32 chassis which fits no problems after clearing the mess from the inside of the shell and removing a couple of small pieces to fit the front wings....

Apparantly this OCA body is recast of a 1/29 scale Strombecker version which put me off at first. I have the A2M (Spain) version of this which also looks like a recast of the Strombecker but lacks the quailty of finish the OCA one has. So went with this one. Still a lot of work to do yet but can't decide between these LHD's...

Hawthorn's Targa florio Drive..

Or these from 58 Le mans...

I like the yellow as they do show nicley on the track.


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For me the Yellow has it. Good choice Maf. I have been tempted, However there are so many in the pipeline already, I think common sense must prevail, and I'll leave it to anoyher Year, or maybe even decade.
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