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I'm afraid that my opinion of this manufacturer has completely changed over the last year.
When first dealtwith some 5 years ago John was a most helpful person, happy to sell individual components as well as part or complete kits, and thus whenever I bought a kit, additional parts would also be ordered at very reasonable cost.

A change has taken place.

I bought a small number of kits a year ago, one missing a piece, with the two others both having the incorrect parts included. Numerous mails to Classic Slot, World Classics and via eBay have failed to achieve any response.

These (Ocar) kits have always been excellent value for money. Now it is a lottery, what you think you see is what you get?

John, I still would like a TR61 vac formed carb cover and TWO rhd TR59/60 vac formed interiors and drivers. These parts, you owe me.


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Oh dear. That might have a bearing on what I want then... I wanted to get a kit and some decals that they said they would sell me. I can only hope that John can sort them out or I have some naked cars in my collection. Even sadder gif.
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