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OCAR Karmann Ghia

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I've seen threads lately about 1) road-going cars without racing features and 2) slot cars that entice our spouses however reluctantly to play along with us. This is about both of those. We live out in the middle of nowhere (certainly no slotters around) and maintaining any level of slot interest in my wife is paramount to have someone to cruise along with (racing is out of the question *grin*).

For my wife, it's all about sentiment and if i build her a surprise car in her favorite "powder blue" every Christmas I'm good for another 12 months. Some of you may recall the Airfix E-type rally car from last year. This year it's an Ocar Karmann Ghia. We like no-magnet racing and Carrera chassis (among others) suit us just fine. I wanted white sidewalls and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the 57 Thunderbird has exactly the same wheelbase as the Karmann! So it was just a matter of finding a used Tbird on Ebay and then reselling that Thunderbird body (which surprisingly covered the entire original outlay).

Here you go..something a little different. Hope you like it!

PS obviously you'll see a woman driver if you look close. Half the fun for my wife is choosing her clothing and hair color. This year, tortoise shell eye-glasses were the big fun. Hey...whatever it takes!

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Thanks to everyone for your supportive comments. It is much appreciated, and of course the car has now increased in value in my wife's eyes *grin*

The car is finished in that classic VW blue color (such as on the current Scalextric Beetle release)...which is definitely a Wedgewood blue. To my eye,
Testor's Gloss Light Blue #1208 matches it almost perfectly and that's what I used in this case.

I agree that the quality of OCAR kits "vary greatly" (how did tifosi phrase it? "taxing" *grin*) This seems to be one of the earlier ones, a slush cast of a partially assembled Lindbergh kit IMO. As it arrived it was a fairly thick casting. There weren't many surface voids, but some of the details (such as the rear lights) needed building up and reshaping. The odd thing, which I haven't seen before, is that the body was split horizontally at the bumper line, front and back. So there were two little pieces that had to be shaped quite a bit and epoxied to the body to create the slots that support the front and rear bumper. The white metal pieces were in good shape but the side mirror was missing. There were other minor issues, as one would expect. I offer the negatives just to assist anyone in deciding if they want one of their own...all in all, though, I have to say it was a fun build!

I really enjoyed the background comments, thanks for those...the "pussy cat" car, jewelry in the Xmas slot car...and I agree about those curvy cars of the 50's and 60's...Gullwings, Miuras, E types...and Karmann Ghia's. Maybe it's because i was growing up then, but they'll always be the cars I find the most alluring.

Gareth, I'm attaching a pic (below) of the Thunderbird I got the chassis and tires from.

best regards, and thanks again

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thanks, Chris...very generous of you to say so...

I think this thread has run it's course and just want to thank everyone again for their kind comments.

CABB: I purchased this OCAR kit quite a few years back. I checked into whether they're still available as you requested; and I can't find anyone with any in stock. I also looked into
Lindberg kits, which would be superior really in terms of detail...but came up empty there as well, I'm afraid. If you persevere on Ebay though, sooner or later, right? *grin*

with best regards,
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