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Matt Tucker
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As the title says I'm off to beautiful Tuscany about 30mins S of Florence and an hour N of Sienna. Went there a couple of years ago and I had a complete 2 week break from slots - bliss for my wife. So is this one going to be a break or can I help my addiction along. Info on clubs and retailers in the Tuscan area appreciated.


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Hi Matt,

this is a cut&paste from Club list on Italiaslot site

Hope this helps




Slot Club Arezzo Il Barone Rosso
Piazza Guido Monaco (Arezzo)
presso il negozio il Barone Rosso
Leonardo Peruzzi Tel. 335/8251606 - Andrea Gasperini Tel. 388/0000348

Slot Club Arezzo
Via XXV Aprile, 23/A - 52100 Arezzo
Rudilosso Giuseppe - Tel. 0575 350675

Slot Club Versilia
Via Battisti, 34 - 55044 Marina di Pietrasanta (LU)
Lotti Stefano - Tel. 0584 20672

Slot Club Toscana
Via A. Bacci 15/B - 51016 Montecatini T. (PT)
Tampellini Daniele - Tel. 0572 770043

Slot Club Chianti
via T. Frilli, 9 - Loc. Lecchi - 53036 - Poggibonsi (SI)
Tel. 0577/931043 (ore serali) - 339/8711029 (ore serali)
[email protected] - [email protected]


Gruppo Slottistico Perugino
Sede Pista c/o Bar il Giardino
Via Ermini - Santa Maria degli Angeli - Assisi (PG)
tel 075 8044477 - Walter Merulli 340 8368999
[email protected]

Beppe Giannini
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looks like your wife is down on her luck : Pistoia (35 km W of Florence) Model Expo, May 15 Porsche 956 Cup, May 16 Scalextric DTM
But you can tell her that Pistoia is well worth visiting (heck, anyplace in Tuscany is !!)
Don't blame me

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Have a great time Matt.
Brilliant info from the gang on where to go, reckon you might be having a `busmans holiday` mate
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