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For the race at Reims, July 4th, 1954, Officine Alfieri Maserati send a team of four cars:
#10 Maserati 250F - Alberto Ascari
#12 Maserati 250F - Onofre Marimon
#14 Maserati 250F - Luigi Villoresi
#16 Maserati A6GCM - Roberto Mieres

The cars #10, 12 + 14 are no problem, since I will make them out of Penelope Pitlane RB28 kits. But what about #16, the A6GCM?

There are A6GCM shells on the market, be that fiberglass or resin, but to my knowledge they all represent the early version of this car from 1952. The A6GCM used in 1954 was the 1953 version fitted with a 2.5L engine and overall it looked more like the new 1954 250F then the old 1952 A6GCM.

Does anybody out there know if anyone offers such a shell on the market? Even a different 1954 250F shell with the bonnet louvres could do the job, but all other then the Penelope Pitlane shell known to me have smooth front bonnet without louvres, like Mac Pinches, AA Bodies, Pattos etc.

Gentlemen - I know you are probably more than bored about reading my topics concerning questions about Reims 1954, but please remember here on SF are the hard core enthusiasts to be found. Where else can I go?

And my question for a A6GCM shell goes as well for the Harry Schell team entered car in the same race:
#48 Maserati A6GCM - Harry Schell

Hope for your help?

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