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Oh look, another 60's F1 car in the build...

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Haha, got your attention now...

These F1 cars are all looking stunning and I'm getting really interested in building one now. I mean, how hard can they be? There's less chassis than a GT car... lol

Big descision is what to go for... I need something easy, 'cos it'll be my second and a half scratchbuild ever. I would like to be able to use existing stuff, rather than have to go out and buy a whole load of new bits, so is there a catagory which will allow size wheels?

Erm... basically just need a load of help so any info that you guys can provide would be great.

Thanks a lot!


PS. Doesn't have to be a Lotus...
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Fergy , intes still learning to solder , I pre bent and cut him a brass chasis last year and we havent seen the results yet he made good progress then stopped .
but his popsicle car ws out standing ( should have eaten theice cream before installing the guide though)
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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