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I run a 95 foot Carrera track. One of the things I was looking at when I decided to buy my first track was the width. After reading so much about how people put borders on their Sport, Classic, Artin or Ninco track, I kinda felt that the Carrera track was somewhere in the middle of other tracks without borders and other tracks with borders.

Although I like a good hanging out of the ol rear end occasionally, it is not realistic with todays real cars...but then again, banging the guardrails is not either. So I was not interested in running Borders that extend the width of the lanes.

Carerra gives me enough room to let it all hang out and still keep it controlled. So in essence...I do not consider Carrera track for Handicrapers when so many use borders that make their tracks even wider than Carrera.

My opinion.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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