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I agree with Kamel Racer's initial observation that contemporary cars are much wider and longer than vintage machines, thus making the racing on narrow tracks unnecessarily cozy. Although I race on a routed track, I made my lane spacing on 3-inch centers. I knew this would be a problem when running current generation GT or F1 machines, but due to space considerations and the fact that I like primarily vintage cars, it was my choice at that time. If I was to build another track though, (and had the room to do so) I would definitely expand the spacing to 3.25-3.5 inches. On plastic track with magnets it might not be such an issue, but without mags a broadsliding Audi can sweep a track clean of its competition - not very realistic. I find it curious that Scaley opted for a deeper slot when introducing Sport track, but maintained the same narrow lane spacing of its Classic track.

If you have not already done so, I would recommend that you check out a few of the US-based websites (SCI, HRW, FW, etc.) for comparisons of the pros and cons of the various track brands. Individual readers tend to be very partisan in support of their favorites, but the articles for the most part are pretty even-handed.

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