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Re: Carrera track, You can pretty much drive right around the outside of anyone anytime you like. I like the discipline required with the width of Scalextric, forcing you to be neat, fast and tidy but still having to fight your way past both ruthlessly polite and cleanly.

When Ninco came out with a slightly wider track it was like a mile of pressure had been lifted from the game and the challenge had become virtually non-existant.

But realistically, its up to the individual. Scalextric does hone your reflexes sharper than a jungle cat and lets you build a bigger circuit for the space you have.

Nice that Carrera make 24th scale for the old pharts who like to think of the olden days.

Maybe old Ralf should have had a Scalextric set instead of Carrera when he was a little boy. He could sure use the practice now.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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